Smoking Robe

Smoking Robe

Hussar Jackets present classic smoking robes for smokers inspired by the ancient eras. This category includes various designs and styles of smoking robes for men and women who want to synchronize their smoking style with the 1850s. We think and service differently. Along with new and latest ideas, we also look at the past and relive the antique lifestyles. Our motive behind launching smoking robes is to fill your desire of smoking in a luxurious style. Smoking robes are rare in the current era because of decreasing demand in the market. However, still many customers want to buy smoking jacket robes. Hussar Jackets Company cares for your desires despite running behind the market trends. We manufacture and sell the products for a specific category of customers. 


Quality Of Our Smoking Robes

We use high-quality material for smoking jacket robes for men and women. The traditional robes for smoking were made of silk or velvet material. We also follow the traditional style of smoking robes and use high-quality silk and velvet clothes in our smoking robes. Moreover, our experienced production team focus on the quality stitching of robes. The size of every smoking jacket matches the specifications given against each product on the page.


Smoking Robes For Men

The history of smoking tells us about the change in the size and design of smoking robes. Initially, long smoking jackets were the choice of luxurious people for tobacco smoking. Over time, men started wearing short jackets. Hussar Jacket Company followed both past trends when it decided to start production of tobacco smoking jackets. Therefore, we manufacture both long and short jackets for our customers. The diversity of colours and designs is distinguishing us from other robe sellers in the market Although, customers of men’s smoking robes are rare we try to provide a variety of colours and designs to our customers. Whether you want to buy satin men’s robes or velvet robes, w have many colours and styles. The journey of smoking jacket robes starts in the 17th century and continues till the beginning of the 20th century. During this era, many colours remained trendy but the red smoking jacket was known as the favourite in the smoking community. Inspired by past trends, we excessively add red smoking jacket robes to our stock. 


Smoking Robes For Women

Like men’s smoking jackets, Hussar Jacket Company also maintains a separate category for women smoking robes. There is a slight difference between smoking robes for men and women but we have specified the robes for women. Usually, the women like wearing long jackets but still the demand for short women smoking jackets still exists. Therefore, we have added short smoking robes for women in our online store. We are a fast-growing online seller of smoking robes and other luxurious dresses. Therefore, we thoroughly study the body physic of women of different regions. For a perfect size match, we have added a comprehensive size chart against every smoking robe available on our online store. We suggest measuring your figure before purchasing a smoking jacket; women must confirm the size of the dress. Moreover, we produce a modern look in the old-era robes for ladies. So, women have the choice to buy old-age smoking robes with the latest designs and colour matches.



How can I select the perfect size smoking robe?

Hussar Jacket Company facilitates its customers to select the best matching size. We have added a comprehensive size guide for every product. Once you have selected your desired design and colour of the robe, you can check your size from the size guide. The size guide includes the possible height and built of users from different regions.

Which type of material do you use for men’s smoking jacket robes?

Velvet is the most demanding material for smoking robes. Most of our men’s smoking robes are made with high-quality velvet. Moreover, silk/ satin is also my favourite colour for smoking robes.

How can I place an order on the Hussar Jacket website?

Hussar Jacket Company makes online orders easy and simple for customers. You just need to visit the product page you want to buy. Select your favourite colour, design and size. Click on add to cart. You can add multiple items to your shopping cart. Once you have added all the items, you can proceed with the payment option. Select your accessible payment option and pay the amount. Make sure to add your complete shipping address.