Duster Coat

Duster Coat

Hussar Jackets Company has designed this innovative collection of duster coats for their customers at suitable prices. These coats are luxurious outfits specially designed to offer you a gorgeous look. Their many surprising features make them attractive and captivating. You can enjoy a perfect and handsome appearance with these coats. Not only do they protect you from cold, but also add charm to your already glowing appearance. Approximately, all of them contain cotton fabric, which is perfect enough to keep you insulated from all time. The length of these duster coats is appropriate, going below your knees and covering most parts of your body. They are lightweight, loose-fitting long coats that make it easy for horse riders to ride horses. We have designed these unique and traditional outfits in different colours and sizes for your ease. You can select the custom sizes from the size guide when you buy them. Moreover, they are very soft and comfortable to wear.   

Duster Coats for different occasions and at different places

In addition to selling these classic duster coats, we guide our customers where and when they can wear them. Most of them are worn on the occasion of Christmas. The following points direct you about using these coats:

  • Firstly, if you want to gift someone an outfit for winter, duster coats are a perfect choice. It will make them happy and their day memorable. It will be a unique gift they have ever gotten. It will also present a different look to them when they wear it.
  • You can also wear these coats at parties, weddings, and other formal occasions. You can put on these coats to protect your undergarments from dust trails when traveling. They will keep you warm throughout the whole journey. 
  • On special events like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc, you can wear these long coats to enjoy these occasions and remain warm. They perfectly match these occasions because of their fruitful features. They present attractive and captivating looks to the people wearing them.  

Trends in duster coats

Like other coats for winter, duster coats are trending nowadays because of their unique and traditional designs. We have made them keeping latest fashions in our minds. They also reflect the tradition of the nineteenth century, hence, reminding you of the past. Although all our designs are innovative, however, they match well with the ongoing trends. Your choice describes your taste. So, if you select one of our duster coats to wear in winter, you will get comfort and a classic look. Their length covers your body and protects your undergarments from cold. 

What do we sell under the category of a duster coat?

Under this category, we sell classic design coats which perform two tasks at a time_ keeping you warm and enhancing your look. Their colours are variable in addition to their sizes. All these duster coats are long, extending below your knees and above your ankles. We made these exclusive designs with pure cotton material. In this way, they keep you warm in extremely cold weather. We also guide our customers on how they can clean these coats to make them last longer. Moreover, this category contains multiple designs and styles, adding versatility to your mind and allowing you to select your favourite garments. Following are some of the beautiful outfits which we sell under the duster coat category:    

Men's Long Coat Black Inverness Cape

This long black duster coat is a stylish design featuring many surprising features. It efficiently protects your undergarments from dust trails during a ride. It contains soft and comfortable cotton, which is capable of remaining insulated from cold. It is a full-length coat falling below your knees. A line of fabric-covered buttons from neck to waist allows you to wrap this dress around you in winter. The inner cloak has generously sized arm holes allowing freedom of movement and helping access two warm pockets.  

Men's Long-Brushed Cotton Frock Coat

When you wear this long cotton frock coat, you will feel covered and comfortable in winter. It keeps you warm and confident in extreme cold. Its dark maroon colour looks gorgeous and elegant on its wearer. Although it is designed for men, however, women can also enhance their look in this beautiful coat. It is a perfect outfit for Christmas because of its luxurious design. Also, it features 100% pure brushed cotton and 100% polyester lining. The colour of this coat looks terrible on the person wearing it. There are no front pockets, but an interior breast pocket keeps your essentials safe and secure. 

Men’s Long Coat Brown Cotton Inverness Cape

It is another duster coat containing an Inverness cape adding beauty to your look. The shell features 100% cotton, and the lining of black satin offers you a comfortable and warm feeling because cotton is a good insulator of heat. Hence, it prevents heat-escape from your body to the environment. When you wear this coat, you must prefer to clean it dry, so you will enjoy the everlasting features of this coat. This traditional design includes custom sizes to fit over a dress coat or frock coat. Its front can be fastened by four fabric buttons. 

Men's Long Gray Emerson Frock Coat

This long frock coat is an elegant design in the duster coat category. Its grey colour looks gorgeous on every person whether his skin colour is dark or light. There are three buttons at the front for closing this coat. It efficiently protects your undergarments from dust when you are traveling. It feels soft and comfortable interiorly as well as exteriorly. It is also a perfect outfit for Christmas because of its beautiful matching design. You can keep your necessities in an interior breast pocket. 

Men’s Doctor Long Coat

In addition to other stylish duster coats, we also offer this doctor coat for customers. It features an asymmetrical front panel, bold black buttons, and a reinforced high-stand collar. All these qualities help create an impenetrable barrier to your safety. There is also an adjustable strap in the back for proper fit. You can get the desired size from the size chart given with the product.