Return Policy


Hussar Jackets Company offers you a chance to return the purchased items within 30 days of dispatch. When you order the products from our website, we parcel them on the same day. So, if you want to cancel the order, you should hurry. Before the dispatch of purchases, if you cancel the order, your payment will be refunded to you completely. But, after the dispatch, you are not given your money until we receive the product at our store. There are many reasons why customers return our products. Some customers order unwanted products that they can return earlier after placing the order. We only refund your money for those products which are unused and not damaged. We only refund genuine land rover parts within seven days of dispatch and when they are not opened. You can use the registered postal service to return unwanted items to avoid a claim against missing items. We also provide a 12-months warranty on our products.

Secondly, Hussar Jackets Store allows you to return damaged items you receive after shipping. We do not refund those goods which are damaged or spoiled by you. We check through our service that the product is damaged during shipping, or we send you the spoiled items. When you get them, we collect the damaged items from your location and send them to the manufacturer for repair. You will get the replacement item early. You can report the damaged items through our email . Hussar Jackets Company offers full refunds for wrong deliveries, and unwanted and damaged products after receiving them the same as they are delivered.